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Yesterday at work I was speaking with a child life specialist about children’s development and how each age group copes with scary situations. We were initially discussing the kids in our ICU but the conversation sort of migrated to Caleb (typical mother that I am). I sort of bounced some things off of her so as to get her expert opinion on how Jeremy and I are doing in these situations and what we can do better. Here’s what I learned:
In situations that have the potential to be scary (such as going to the Dentist for the first time, going to the Doctor to get immunizations, etc.)

    the VERY BEST thing you can do for your child is to prepare them.

For us, this is easily done with books. Caleb loves to read and I try to get books about going to the dentist and we pretend that our finger is the electric toothbrush that goes schoop! schoop! on your teeth to clean them. She says that in preparing your child for any situation, you are building their trust in you as parents. If they can’t trust you, who can they trust? She says the more “real” you can get with them, the better. Some of you would even think this is a little to graphic for your little ones but she says it actually builds confidence. The next time you are at your doctor’s office (or just ask me and I’ll get you one) ask for an empty syringe (no needle, of course). Role play with your child’s favorite stuffed animal. Give a “stick” on the leg for his medicine. Let your child do it too. Fill it with water and squirt each other. The more they play around with it, the more they feel comfortable. Probably half (or more) of their tears shed in these situations are from fear, not from pain. Trisha also says that as much as you can incorporate the 5 different senses in this preparation time, the better. See pictures in books, touch the items they will be seeing (if possible, or you can pretend buy using the handle of a spoon as a tongue depressor), hear what the electric toothbrush will sound like (schoop! schoop!), etc.
Stay tuned for more information on positioning your child for comfort.

AnnMa, Nana, Papa, and Ducca (and anyone else who is interested),
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I just made these cupcakes for Caleb’s Christmas party at school. This is the stuff being a “mom” is made of. It’s SO FUN!
I got the recipe for these delicious cupcakes from “Cupcakes: The Cake Doctor.” They are Red Velvet Chocolate Chip cupcakes with White Chocolate Peppermint Cream Cheese frosting. Yum! I got the idea to use paint swatches (thanks, Lowes) for the decoration from mod-girl’s blog who cute little pink hearts out of paint swatches for Valentine cupcakes. I thought I would throw a little Christmas twist in there and cut green Christmas trees instead.

Maren and Sophie came over tonight to hang out with Caleb and I while Regan and Jeremy and the guys went to a Red Sox/Astros game.
I can’t believe how much these little munchkins have grown!
This was the first time they met…

Tonight they shared their toys, french fries, Nilla waffers, sippy cups, and a bath…

And, of course, lots of kisses!

Thanks for coming over, girls! It was fun!
Love, Caleb and Mandy

It was raining this afternoon and Caleb (obsessed with water as he is) noticed and was BEGGING to go outside. I tried explaining to him in my, “I know you’re only 17 months but try and understand the point here” voice that we couldn’t go outside right now because it was raining. As I calmly apologized to him for his disappointment, I asked myself, “why not?”
I carefully gathered all the necessary safety equipment (lots of towels so as not to slip and fall on the concrete) and my camera (of course) and waited for a pleasant “please” from the boy-o. Upon receiving it, this is what happened…

and this…

and this…

He kept looking up as it fell, trying to figure out where it was coming from and gleefully repeated, “WAWER!!” It was my perfect opportunity to explain that it was coming from God.
Why not?

Catch up


I love the idea of blogging but I have such a hard time taking the time to do it. I feel pretty strongly about including photos and my awesome camera that I have takes GIGANTIC images that have to be shrunk down in order to place them on my blog. I have to open up photoshop (which eats up my RAM) and do them one at a time. “There’s got to be a better way!” Anyone have any tips?
In the mean time, I have some serious catch-up work to do.
In March, Kelly (Jeremy’s sister got engaged).

Caleb is showing off her new ring.

At the end of March we went Strawberry picking at Froberg’s farm with Rachel and Marla.

Caleb at most of our pickings and was covered in strawberry juices.


And more updates to come later. I’ve worked on this post all day in spurts and, again, am not getting very far very fast.